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Empowering individuals to transform their health and optimize their well-being.

Heart-Centered Approach

Bringing together integrative health coaches with high-impact coaching skills, we collaborate with forward-thinking companies, healthcare providers, and individuals - delivering a more heart-centered approach for helping people embrace health behavioral and lifestyle change.

Evidenced-Based Coaching Model

Drawing upon Duke Integrative Medicine's evidenced-based health coaching model, our integrative health coaches are trained  to work with you - to effectively motivate and support healthy lifestyle change.

Information to Transformation

Bridging the gap between information and transformation, we empower individuals who want to be well and in control of their health - to live better and healthier lives.

Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Research shows that new and lasting health behavioral and lifestyle changes are required - to prevent 80% of chronic conditions and illnesses related to health behavior and lifestyle choices.

Personal Growth & Discovery

Creating a safe space and supportive relationship of mutual respect and acceptance for personal growth and discovery - our integrative health coaches meet you were you are and help you get to where you want to be.

Wheel of Health

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Focusing on the whole person with YOU in the center, we look at your habits and priorities that determine the course of your life — and begin working on the different areas of self-care that are all interconnected. These include:

  • Movement, Exercise, and Rest
  • Nutrition
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Physical Environment
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Spirituality
  • Mind-Body Connection

Getting to the heart of transformation, our health coaches inspire confidence, encourage self-awareness and accountability - while connecting with you on many levels.

Outcomes delivered by our coaches include the following:

  • Increased self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Increased self-determination and improved strength and confidence
  • Attainment of personal and professional goals
  • Replacing an old health-risk behavior with a new health-promoting behavior
  • Reduced incidence of disease symptoms and preventable chronic disease
  • Sustainable behavior and lifestyle changes

You and your health coach begin with what is important to you and engage in a partnership that enables you to learn, grow and develop - beyond what would have been possible on your own.

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